Poki-poki (from Ilocos)

Ovo-vegetarian friendly
                            -people eating vegetable and egg only.

Hey blog, a friend of mine introduce this native dish from where she came from, Ilocos. This dish taste so good it's somehow close to our 'tortang talong' but the tomato and onion add a different twist on it. Here is the procedure on how to do this poki-poki, enjoy cooking and happy eating!


2 eggplant
1 tomato medium (dice)
1 onion medium  (dice)
1 egg (beaten)
salt to taste

first roast the eggplant until it soften and skin got roast, remove the skin and mash the eggplant, then is a pan sauté the tomato and onion, add up the mashed eggplant and mix it well then add the egg until cook, season salt according to taste. Serve and happy eating!


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